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Title: Trying for the impossible series no1. (diptych)
Meduim: Oil, pigment and crayon on wood and enamel on wood
Size: 60 cm x 60cm and 35.5cm x 35.5cm
The "Trying for the impossible series" relates to the end game of meditation "Enlightenment". One of the concepts that is referred to regarding enlightened, is the total destruction of the Ego, the personal self. Every time you meditate you are in a way "trying for the impossible". Trying to still the mind and let go of the egos demands. Anyone who has every tried to meditate will know that trying to quiet the mind is not an easy process.

In this series I've continued to use the house as a symbol for self. The starting point for this series were the worn walls surfaces around my studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. There is a fair amount of gang graffiti on these walls. As a painter what always attracts me to these walls are the worn surfaces, scratches and unselfconscious marks that develops over time. In a way the personal history of that wall is displayed. So in these works these surfaces are metaphors for an individuals personal history. As we rub up against and interact with the world our personal history is formed. In a meditative process as you strip away your ego with it's personal history a transpersonal self is eventually revealed. One of the aspect about graffiti I've always found interesting is that it is often painted over by the authorities, to hide this expression. In human psychology we often hide away our darker aspect of our selves. In the meditative process these voices are allowed to speak and eventually have no need to speak.

The painting on the left is a representative of our personal self's and the painting on the right is representative of the enlighten self. In a way this work is also a comment on the history of painting. On the left is this personal mark making. particularly characterized by painters like Twombly and some of Schnabels, where the artists personal mark making is evidence of there personal self. The painting on the right could be seem as the "end of painting". Were all personal self is extinguished. A white sprayed duco surface is in a way the end of the history of personal mark making.