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Title: Light, virtual reality, atom and charka series no.2
Meduim: Tempera on gesso on paper
Size: 50cm X 37cm
Date: 2008
A recurring theme in my work is using the house as a symbol for self. In these works I have taken the house symbol from computer 3D modeling. In 3D computer modeling an object is first built using "wire frame" which is a digital skeleton of the object. Then the outer skin or surface of the object is rendered to complete the object. In these works I wanted to create the impression of the solidity of the house dropping away. I have therefore reduced the house down to two basic walls in wire frame and then bent them inward. I'm interested in the fact that we live so much of our lives in a virtual world - internet, email and computer games. In computer games we enter a virtual world. We are playing in a virtual world but at the same time existing in the "real world". We are existing in two "separate realities" at once. If we can understand that concept then we can perhaps begin to grasp the concept which a number of eastern spiritual tradition express that this reality is an illusion "Maya". That we exist in what some terms the "ultimate reality" and the Maya simultaneously. That due to us only being able to experience our reality with our five senses we are unable to see through this illusion. There are also references to light and circles in this work. In the early 20th century physicists proved that light could be both a wave and a particle simultaneously. Circles can be seen as references to the atom and charkas. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as wheel or turning disc. Chakra is a concept referring to wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine are believed to exist in the surface of the spiritual body of a human being. There are meant to be seven major chakras each with a different colour.