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Title: Virtual and other realities and light no.2
Meduim: Oil, tempera and silkscreen on gesso on paper
Size: 50cm X 37cm
Date: 2008
In this work I've continued to use the house as a symbol for self. The squares are taken from worn tiles from shop fronts near my studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. The worn tiles are metaphors for the our personal psychology and history. As we "rub up" against the world our personal history and psychology is formed. The grid structure above also references the house but is taken from computer 3D modeling. In 3D computer modeling an object is first built using "wire frame" which is a digital skeleton of the object. Then the outer skin or surface of the object is rendered to complete the object. I have reduced the house down to two basic walls in wire frame format and then bent them inward. In these works I wanted to create the impression of the solidity of the house dropping away and moving inward. This is in references to some of my experiences in meditation when my personal psychology seem to drop away and what is termed in western psychology, a "transpersonal psychology" was revealed. The 3D aspect has also references to what is real and illusionary. The light aspect in this work relates to that if you stick to a meditative practice long enough eventually painful suppressed emotion and experience will come to the surface and in a way they are brought "into the light".