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Title: My racing, beating, melting heart and questions of weight and volume
Medium: Ice (water), video and glass
Date: 2011 – 2006

This is a time-based piece; a video projection of a racing motorcycle is projected onto a glass box with a heart carved from ice inside. Over time the ice melts until only water is left. This piece attempts to consider the emotional consequences of acting on desire. It uses the cliché, “My heart raced and my heart melted” as metaphors for sexual heat and desire and utilises a contemporary archetype for sexual drive (motorcycle). The process of the heart melting and subsequence rising water has reference to Archimedes discovery of weight and volume, (emotional weight and volume). There have been a number are incarnations of the piece since 2006, both as a live installation and as a pure video piece. Each time the work has been expanded and further developed. The first, in 2006 and the final version having been completed in early 2011, as a pure video piece.