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Title: The bedroom and the spring.
Medium: Video, pastel on paper, collage and photography
Duration: 1 min, 38 seconds
Date: 2020

Site Visit

Site Visit is an exhibition born of creative solidarity through the exchange of ideas, memories and hopes between the past, current and future residents of L’AiR Arts residency in Paris. Pivoting around the idea of the postcard as something sent across borders and the carte de visite as an object signifying meeting and connection, all of the artwork presented draws on the artists’ thoughts and experiences that have felt pertinent to remember, reflect on, and crucially, share.

The Room and the Spring

Artist Statement: I got sick just before I went to Paris to do the L’Air Arts residency and spent a lot of time in my room resting, hoping to get better. While sick in bed, I had a look at the prospect of going down to Lourdes, as a teacher of mine had mentioned the ‘energy’ there was amazing. I’m not a Catholic but was curious. I got some antibiotics, got better. Did a great drawing workshop, part of the residence. Caught the Louvre on my last day and then headed down to Lourdes and had an incredible experience.

This short ‘film’ is meant to take the form of factious digital postcards sent to a friend while I was in Paris. Utilising a social media feel, detailing the frustration at arriving in Paris sick, and resting in my room, waiting to get better. The resignation as the residency slips away, while being sick, then getting better near the end, doing a great drawing workshop and then heading to Lourdes and having a memorable experience.